• Companies are required to disclose a wide range of information about themselves by law. This information is in the public domain but often in formats and websites that are not intuitive and tough to understand. Use the step-by-step guide on how to use these resources and what to look for.

💡Pro Tip: We suggest you open the websites that have been hyperlinked and explore them simultaneously while following the directions mentioned under each section. Or you can use the corresponding chapter from the video book to guide you. This step-by-step guide complete with examples of how this information can lead to a good story has been compiled by journalists and researchers for whom  this is daily practice.

Currently the chapter can be downloaded as a PDF document in English. We are working on translations in other Indian languages.

Making Businesses Responsible

A complete module that arcs the policy framework, essentials and intersections needed to make a story, on business responsibility truly stand out.



All the skills, perspectives and resources you need in a follow along video format.


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A collaboration that aims to equip journalists, students and researchers interested in exploring how the world of business impacts people, communities and the natural world.

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