Making Businesses Responsible
Business and Human Rights Module: A hands-on guide to equip reporters, students and researchers on covering the corporate world from a human rights lens.


Explore how you can incorporate a responsible business framework in your reportage of the corporate world

The Gaps

What’s missing in our business reporting and coverage?

The Policies

What is the legal framework to understand responsible business conduct

The Intersections

Why robust business reportage is intersectional, inclusive and representative.

The Essentials

What are the tools and skills that can facilitate more robust corporate reportage

Safety, Security, Privacy

How to make sure your information is safe and your stories impactful

How To Report in a Pandemic

Reporting in the times of COVID-19

How-to Guide

Learn how you can use key documents & tools in your reportage, with an easy step-by-step guide


Prefer watching to reading. A playlist of our module covers all the basics.

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What is this module about?

This module has been developed by Oxfam India in collaboration with Newsworthy. As part of its responsible business work, Oxfam India has been engaging extensively with all relevant stakeholders.

Media reportage of the corporate world is dominated by coverage of financial performances and industrial highs and lows. News coverage about them remains lopsided, with little focus on the footprints corporates leave behind on social, political and ecological fabrics.

The aim of this Module is to equip journalists, students, and researchers interested in exploring how the world of business impacts people, communities and the natural world with the skills, perspectives and resources.


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